Introduction to the Epilator

Epilator is a mechanical device that helps to remove hairs by grasping the hair follicles but not remove the cells from the epithelium of the epidermis like waxing. It is actually an electronic health & beauty device that is much useful and tension free to remove the hairs and to have a clear hair-free skin for longer time period, the epilator is the greatest option.

Hair removing by the process of epilating is a one stop solution than that of spending struggling minutes in order to remove hairs from either face, legs, under arms, and even to the bikini area. Epilators come in corded, battery operated and rechargeable types wherein the battery operated ones can be used well for both wet and dry options.

However epilators are easy kind to remove hairs very easily, some feel painful because as like waxing it pulls the hair from the follicles roots area. And because of such pain, some suggest going for waxing initially with the help of professionals wherein from the next time onwards they start using epilators to remove the re-growth of the hairs.

Types of Epilators

Appending below are the three different types of epilators that work well indeed and are in most demand in the market also.

  1. Spring Type
  2. Rotating Disc Type
  3. Tweezer Type

Spring Type:

By the year 1986, in Kibbutz Hagoshrim in Israel the Mepro designed an incorporated methodology of coil spring – Epilady where the spring coil is rotated in curve position on the one side and the other side is squeezed together for the ends to be split apart. Thus when the motor runs, Epilady gets rotated along with the spring causing the flex and the rotating spring across the skin layer would pulled off the hair along with its roots.

The design often required replacement as the springs got flexed continuously and then comes a revision model of manual epilators with no requirement of the power cord.

Apparently, still the spring type epilators can be seen in existence that is used to remove facial hair and then be called as face epilators. And most of the designs in that case are manual, with one spring and two handles that are designed to capture the unwanted hairs and to be pulled off when the handle gets twisted.

Rotating Disc Type:

The then renowned manufacturer Remington has designed the rotating disc type epilator of the kind which is replaced with the metal discs from the first model of coiled springs. There was the remarkable subject that it earned the patent litigation in Europe because of the conceptual similarity with the earlier type – spring model.

This paves the way for the other manufacturers to design of same kinds, the product comes with few metal plates &/or discs mounted on the top of the device and insulated by a plastic coating. When the device starts working, the metal discs as when get rotated the moving edges cause a serious effect similar to that of tweezing. While the edges get closer, it grasps the hair in a bunch and pulled off like plucking with the help of centrifugal force. Hence there occur a continuous action of grasping the hair, pulling away and discarding the cut hairs.

And over a period, the failure of this type opened the doors of another manufacturer to design an extended model of the epilator.

Tweezer type:

This type is much a refined one where there are completely no metal plates or the discs; instead, the edges are of plastic heads. And so when the device gets started, the action of revolution happen in an effect of tweezing kind thus the hairs on the skin surface till the follicles part get gripped at first, pulled off, extracted and discarded then finally when the device is moved across the skin area.

There might be no pain when compare to the earlier models, however, the force might depend upon the brittleness and varying strength of the hair roots in which it is known as ‘stubble’ effect similar to the effect of shaving. But unlike the process of shaving, this tweezing effect leaves the impacts of less stubble when the hair gets pulled out from the level of hair follicles. And most of the epilators existing in the present day market are of tweezing types only.

How do Epilators work?

Epilators when on perfect working condition, remove hairs straight from the root level of the hair follicles and thus leave a longer time for the re-growth of the hair. Say for the time period of at a minimum of two weeks to the maximum of about more than 2 weeks, the scalability of the hair re-growth depends on the thickness and strength of the hair – that even more differs from one another.

When doing so a constant epilating process would leave the hairs to become thinner and finer, thus it would be easier to do epilation quite pain-free. In addition, epilators are one top kind to remove the shorted hairs very fine allowing the individual to remove even the stubbles with less pain.

And after a prolonged usage of epilators leaves the skin appearing smooth and soft with zero hair! And since because of its smaller size, it is quite easy to carry away on travel even and can be used in any circumstances only when you would like to be hair free.

Why Epilation?

Moreover, the epilators work on most of the skin types leaving no side effects and allergies as like the creams, gels, and razors. Even for the hard skin types, repeated epilation would make the skin softer by leaving the hair follicles thin and fine.

Will the epilators hurt the skin?

No, epilators would not hurt the skin and there would not be much pain as in the case of waxing and irritation after the use of razors. However, when the individual uses the device for the first time, there would be the feel of little pain and that is mainly because of the complete hair removal from the follicle level which happened correctly for the first time with an epilator usage.

And so the professionals recommend going for the usage of smoothening creams or gels that can be applied after the process of epilation to soothe the skin from the feel of paining for some time. Wherein this feel would be there only for a first or second time, and then once when the skin gets practiced to the epilator, the individual would feel indeed no pain.

Tips to make use of epilators effectively

One of the best ways for not feeling the first pain even on the first-time epilation, just relax initially in a tub of warm water for few minutes. It will desensitize the skin and also there are few special models of epilators that work efficiently under water (wet epilating) and so there won’t be the feel of pain, hurting or irritation.

And when you go for dry epilation, make sure to the use of some soft wipes or tissues to clean the skin areas that are to be epilated to add extra benefits to soothe the skin for softer and silkier look and appearance.

See to that not to do so any process of epilation after a day out and at the night time. Wherein the skin might be very tired, the cells would be looser and so after doing epilation, the skin might feel the sense of burning and irritation. And while doing epilation at the bed time would leave to the skin to get irritated after a long time spent in the (dry) bed. And so the perfect time to go for the epilating process is that evening, wherein after the cleaned the hairs the individual can use any of the branded skin smoothening creams, gels or moisturizers for really a good result.

How to use an epilator?

  1. Picking a right device that matches the individual’s skin is the foremost factor that to be considered initially
  2. See to the device with attachments such as caps (sensitive area cap, efficiency cap, facial cap), number of tweezers, et al
  3. Doing exfoliation –in order to clear the dead skin cells before each session of epilation would provide effective result
  4. Using of an epilator at 90-degree angle is the right way to use the device
  5. Skin taut – to taut the skin is most important that is holding it off tighten wherein no pinches of the skin would happen while doing epilating
  6. Direction of epilation – the process of epilation must be done in the opposite direction of the hair growth

Things to consider when buying epilator

Epilation is quite an easy process wherein getting of one right epilator that matches the individual’s skin type and other factors are quite a challenging job to deal with. Epilators as in the market come with different features and accessories made with various designs to meet the needs of the people. Amongst some are under water with no cord and some are battery operated and much more. And to pick a right one for hassle free epilation process, appending below are the factual features that one has to look and consider before making the purchase.

  • Wet or dry option: Wet or dry option epilators in present day market costs bit expensive than that of the dry one. However, the skin feels sensitized under water, epilation when in water would give soothing feel hence no redness of the skin, bumpiness or any other newly added side effects. But the device must be charged before using them, however ‘the made’ of the device is designed to shut off immediately when it gets plugged into the socket wall.

Apparently, the reviews stated that wet & dry mode epilator devices run out of battery life sooner than that of the normal standard one. Hence this feature has to be considered before going to make a purchase of this kind.

  • Corded or battery operated: There are both types of epilators, which are battery operated and corded. Battery operated epilators require often replacement of batteries wherein if the individual needs the epilator for quite often hair removing process, then spending too much in buying batteries can be well thought to go for a corded one or a rechargeable one. It consumes a consistent power only and it will last for at a minimum of 5 years wherein the battery operated dry & wet option epilators loss the battery in the sense, the individual has to go for entirely a new one.
  • Tweezers: Most of the epilators available in the present day market are Tweezer types only but then here it refers to the number of tweezers on the edges. The matter of fact does not lie on the number of tweezers present on the edges to perform the device’s fastness to pull off / pluck the hair well. Most of the tweezers in the device come with metal made and some can be found with white plastic even.
  • Areas of the skin to be epilated: Most commonly women are the majority to make use of epilators as when compare to any other one. Most commonly women use epilators to remove hairs on the legs and sometimes the requirement extends to the facial hairs, hands, underarms and bikini areas. In such case, upon considering the delicate skin the epilator can be bought that comes with extra required attachments covering the Tweezer head in order the epilating area get reduced with smaller sized epilator edges.

However the caps would not actually change the real dimensions of the epilator, the need for maneuver over the tight skin areas need to be little challenge to remove the hairs. Professionals recommend going for special kinds of made in order to remove hairs on delicate skin areas such as face, underarms and et al.

  • Other features: Other features include the pricing of the epilator. And the availability of exfoliating brushes for the purpose of removing ingrown hair, noise level, and speed settings. Wherein these features can also be considered primarily before making a purchase over a reputed brand epilator.

Recommended Product Reviews

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

  • Works very efficient with its gentle cap and two-speed setting system. The ergonomic grip system provides comfort handling while epilating and it is with washable epilation head for potential hygienic assurance.

Sminiker 3 in 1 Lady Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Removal Kit

  • The kit comes with bikini trimmer, hair epilator, callus remover and it is of with 2 modes power switches and of a waterproof design. This great little gadget has earned the reviews of, “very coo when compare to the stressful pain of waxing”.

Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6

It is of epilator type that is perfectly designed for removing facial hairs. Its glide technology works well in circular motion for smooth and hair free skin in few seconds with 6 tweezers. And so no irritation, no paining, nu hurts and no scratches. It is a battery operated one with pin point precisions edge for finer removal of hair on the face.

Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry epilator

It is the kind of both wet & dry options and comes with 6 accessories – facial cap, delicate area cap, and in-use massage cap for gentle, effective hair removal from head-to-toe along with one cover pouch. It has an anti-slip grip that helps greatly when using under water and it is patented epilation system with 2 speeds setting for both thinner and thicker hair types.

Braun Silk-épil 5 5-185 – Electric Hair Removal Epilator

This type is especially made for women with 40 close-grip tweezers to remove off even the shortest hairs and the skin would be hair free for about 4 weeks for sure. There presents a smart light for the better focus to remove the even smaller and fine hairs better. It is of no stop power epilator for a smooth and silky skin. This type is smarter with specific features of 2 speeds personalization, pivoted head for about 15 degrees (both forward & backward movements), soft lift tips wherein the flat lying short hair could be removed off easily with the soft tweezers. And its high-frequency massage helps stimulating the skin after the plucking session is over with maximum soothing feel. Its extra cool gentling glove provides the skin more comfort and no feel of any pain or irritation after the process of epilation gets over.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator – 36 Gold Plated Hypoallergenic Tweezers

It is of the rechargeable operated type wherein its antimicrobial protection helps the skin fighting against any infections of bacteria. It has 36 patented Tweezer plates that help the individual removing the hair completely from the hair follicles. It is a good one to remove hairs on the legs, underarms and even at the bikini areas of the hair that range from 0.5 mm even. It is of the type both rechargeable, cord or cordless.

Customers Review

Remington EP7030 Smooth and Silky Wet/Dry Face and Body Epilator:

  • “Remington EP7030 doesn’t work pretty well on the coarse hair, it does remove both fine and coarse hair for others. It appears to work well on small areas like chin, upper lip, and face and won’t even break the hair. It seems powerful when it comes to its charge life since it can complete the hair removal process for legs and underarms without getting discharged. This epilator does what it actually says it does but the effects differ for each and every user”.

Key added features:

  • Rechargeable option but no risks of using cords
  • The rotating heads helps to cover all the contoured areas to clear off the hair easily
  • Smart light for detailed vision to clean the even the shortest hairs and stubbles
  • Presented with 40 tweezers in which under arm areas can be covered gently
  • It comes with 2 speeds settings for both fine and rough hair
  • Comes with massaging cap wherein it can be infused with any of the individual’s choice skin smoothening cream or gel

Remington EP6025 Women’s Rechargeable Epilator:

  • “It works wonderfully even on sensitive skin. It pays that it works with or without a cord since it speeds it up the hair removal process. It doesn’t pinch the skin for those prone to nicking. Users like the fact that when the epilator is pressed hard against the skin, it stops rotating preventing any nicks on the skin”.

Key Added features:

  • Presented with 42 tweezers for easier and quicker hair removal very particularly on the legs and arms
  • The device operates in two modes: both with cord and cordless
  • Featured with 2 speeds settings for optimum control while handling coarse & thick hair and even fine movement for thin hair
  • Comes with ergonomic design wherein firm grip and easy handling

Remington Smooth and Silky Full Size Epilator (EP6010):

  • “It proves to be effective for many users as it captures both coarse and fine hair given the correct angle. Sometimes the efficiency depends on the proper way of using the epilator. When it comes to its functions, it does deliver for a lot of customers. It’s easy to use and to clean as well”.

Key Added features:

  • The design of curved head helps for comfort and easy coverage to remove the hair completely
  • It is featured with 42 tweezers that can clear off the hair very easily from the hair follicle levels
  • It comes with long cord wherein can plug into the socket that is high and can use the device sitting at comfortable position
  • Its unique design helps move across the contour areas of the skin to capture the unwanted hair easily and to be removed off

Bottom line

When compare to the other hair removing methods say for, waxing, shaving, creams, razors and et al could result ultimately in pain and of one need to pack nearly two to three pieces for the one job – hair removal. But when considering the epilators, there is no need to spend money on buying the supplementary stuffs as discussed above.